Saturday, June 15, 2013

Quick Storm but Lasting Problems

On June 13th, 2013 we had a bad line of thunderstorms crossed over the St. Clair Red Mule Farm! I got home from work and barely had time to move my truck and horse trailer out of harms way and let the dogs out for a bit before it started kicking up! We ran for the house! We sat in the living room and listened to the wind blow so hard. I have never heard my house creak and moan like that before!  The power went out!
Jamie my neighbor called me and said the giant pecan tree in their yard had broken in two! I went to the side door to see it just as the rain hit! It blew some more and rained cats and dogs for another 30 minutes. I looked in on the mules and donkeys and all five of them were loaded into the stalls together! I took a short nap!
Soon it was over, the rain let up and the sun peaked between the clouds. I went out and checked for damage. Found tons of sticks down in the yard and some singles blew up off the corner of my roof. After a quick call to my roofer, to get on his list, I went to feeding and checking fence lines.
I found one of the smaller trees at the bottom of the pasture was snapped in half and laying on the fence in the back. I quickly switched the sheep into that pasture and the mules and donkeys into the other pasture. The Mules were already chewing on the down tree and I did not want to get them sick from eating it! I would have to deal with that tree later!
I drove out to see if I could find something for dinner. I found my neighbor Larry's big tree was down in his front yard and covering the whole road in front of his house. The city workers were already there starting to clean things up. Such a shame to lose such a pretty tree.
The power was out in much of Zebulon but when I did find Taco Bell and Arby's had power they also had a long line of people waiting for food. I decided that I would go home and just have some cereal.
On the way home I spotted a rainbow and as I arrived home one of the most beautiful sun sets I have ever seen! Of course I took some photos!

The next morning still no power, my hopes of it coming back on quickly were dashed when Jamie told me the main wire was down in her side yard.  I got dressed and headed to work. Found that the power was also out there too and no idea of when it would be restored, I headed home to deal with the problems at the farm.  Debbie had power and offered to let me bring over all my food so that it would not spoil and fill up a 50 gallon water tank! Then we went to lunch! My neighbors kids played all day in the downed pecan tree like it was their new jungle gym!

As the day went on I started getting backed for my trip to Virginia but was still not sure if I could leave with the power still being off. At 2pm the linemen showed up and put the line back up! Then at 4pm they turned on the power! YEA!!  I decided to leave my food at Debbie's house till I got home and still take the dogs as planned to Judy's for the weekend. Christina would come and feed everyone else for me!
So I got a shower and took off for some fun and REST with my parents!

Wind whipping through the leaves in the huge oak tree!

Mules and Donkeys not worried a bit about the big storm coming.

Storm approaching.

Neighbor's pecan tree.

Roof Damage!

Rainbow after the storm!

Most beautiful Sun Set EVER!!! 

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