Thursday, June 6, 2013

Welcome Brother Strauss

My corgi Levi's brother from the same litter was available for adoption. His ear had become injured as a puppy and was flopping some when showing. A vet who tried to FIX it, ended up ruining it!  He was having a successful show career!  So I decided that it would be lots of fun for have Levi's brother live with us. It would give Levi some company while I was at work and someone to help get some of Levi's energy out! So on February 22nd Strauss came to live with us! The two took of and it was instant playing! They love to run all around the yard together and even play tug of war together! True Brothers!
Strauss was not sure what to think of the mules and donkeys at first! 

Motley Crew - One blue eye and one ear flop! Prefect! 

Strauss went from Show Dog to FARM Dog in 1 day flat! 

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