Sunday, June 9, 2013

Two Mule Rides & A Delivery

Had two nice rides with Suzette today! She rode Sadie Mae while my first ride was on Meadow in the pasture and then on the trail with Seven. 
We rode over to the river by 64 Bus. between Zebulon and Wendell to see the river AWAY over it's banks and running hard! We got about 6 inches on Friday from the first tropical storm of the hurricane season. 

Then we wished the old Ray's Restaurant was open for a late lunch. 

I left Meadow tied to the back of my trailer in the shade while we rode out. I had to laugh when I came home and found a delivery from FedEx. I can't imagine delivery guys surprise when he walked into the yard and came around the back of the trailer to see Meadow standing there. I bet the both jumped! Nothing but good training for her!

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