Friday, June 7, 2013

The Diamond and Ginger Project

Some things just happen so easily with no problems and things just seem to fall into place like they were meant to be.  This thankfully turned out to be one of those cases! 

An old friend called me out of the blue. She, well rather her mules needed help. Her husband had passed away unexpectedly about 6 months ago and she had to sell the farm.  The farm was going to closing in just a few weeks and she needed homes for the two mules. 
Now I usually don't take in rescues but these are two really good mules and I have known them for years! So a few days later I drove down to pick them up! They needed shots, deworming, farrier work and general grooming. Both jumped on the trailer like they were excited to be going some where.  
I took them straight to a vet friend of mines farm and she gave them shots and pulled Coggins for me. I am sure the two mules were wondering what was going on.  We arrived home and I set them up in one of my paddocks.  
Over the next few weeks I got all their needed taken care of and was ready to start thinking about finding them a new home!  I had someone in mind right away for the red mule Ginger. I called my friend Jeanette and told her about Ginger. The next week Jeanette and her twin sister Lynette came to spend the weekend and see how she got along with Ginger.  The two of them hit it off right away and she took Ginger home that weekend.  
Now I was a little more worried about finding a home for Diamond. Being a bit older and not in as good condition I had to find just the right home for her. I posted the below photo of Lynette riding Diamond on Facebook with some other photos and just mentioned that this mule was looking for a new home. Right away, I got four responses from people interested in her!  
Soon Diamond was being visited by a mother and adult daughter. I have known the daughter since she was a 4H kid so I knew she would have a great home. Her Mother wanted a easy walking trail mule! PERFECT!  
Turns out they both really needed a special friend and the two of them just love each other! 

So excited that both mules got great homes and it released my friend of the heart ache and burden of taking care of these two mules. I know she misses them every day! 

Ginger with former owner

Ginger with her new owner Jeanette on their first ride

Lynette riding Diamond for me

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