Friday, June 7, 2013

HC Obstacle Challenge with 7 & Twila

2nd HC Obstacle Course Challenge on April 20th and I headed down with Twila and Seven. I had to ask for some help to hold Seven while I showed Twila and then help to hold Twila while I showed Seven. Mary announced it on the speaker and about three Cowboys quickly showed up to hold Seven for me!  When it was time to show Seven Bobbie Miller held Twila for me! She fell in love as you can see in the photo below!  Seven won both his in-hand and Masters riding classes and Twila placed 4th and 8th in her classes! It was a wonderful day and so nice to get some help from the crowd since I came by myself..... but I had to keep an eye on Bobbie so she didn't disappear with Twila!!!  

Bobbie and Twila

Seven's groom totes and pay back check

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