Thursday, June 6, 2013

Valentines Trail Obstacle Competition

Well long story made short, I was going to judge a trail obstacle competition and it got rained/snowed out for the weekend. The whole course was set up so on Sunday I brought Seven and Twila to school over the course. It was SO COLD and WINDY that I did not even saddle anyone up, but it was great exposure for Twila to new obstacles and new places. She even got on a mattress for the first time. We met a nice lady and her daughter who both fell in love with both Seven and Twila!  You can tell how cold we are from the photos!
Seven and his new friend Rachel going through the Tunnel Of Love! 

Reed uses her magic to train Twila Merrill to get one the Mattress! 

Twila Merrill concurs the Pink Bridge! 

Twila Merrill and Shannon going through the Tunnel Of Love! 

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