Thursday, June 6, 2013

HC Obstacle Challenge 3/23/2013

First HCOC competition of the year! Debbie and I headed down and picked up Reed and her horse Fortune on the way!  One the way down Debbie and I were talking about riding Twila and Reed asked what was so different about it.  So I told her once we got down there I would take her on a ride!

Reed did well in her classes and So did Seven. He once again won both the in-hand and riding Masters Classes.
I showed Twila in the in-hand Green class. She cruised right through the whole course. I nearly had to run to keep up with her, but I sure was not going to slow her down either. She never even looked at anything twice and even carried the saddle bags that we have to move from one barrel to another on her back for me!  I was so excited and surprised when she WON the class! Go Twila!

So after that it was time for Reed to take her Test Ride on a Saddle Donkey! We got her settled in the saddle and we rode off through the barns and around the show grounds! Well by the time we got back Reed was smiling, laughing like a school girl and doing the Queen Wave to everyone she came across!
Twila and Seven's awards for winner their classes! Collapsible Buckets! 

Reed riding Twila Merrill!  

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