Friday, June 7, 2013

CMA H.Cooper Black Ride

Story by Teddy Royal! 
H. Cooper Black 2013
    As we pulled into the campground at H. Cooper Black on Friday evening, we could see that several folks made an early arrival and were gathering for a community dinner.  We got the mules unloaded and in the barn and joined everyone just as dinner was being served.  What good timing and good food.  The report of the day's ride was that even though the mules were feeling good, everyone stayed in the saddle and safe.  I took this get-together as an opportunity to present Sandra Hyder with her turkey feather headgear to be worn whenever she is around her mule.  (Sandra had an earlier accident when a turkey flew up in front of her mule and caused it to dump her, breaking some ribs.)  I gave her instructions to wear her feathers around her mule to de-spook her.
   On Saturday, two buggy's and three wagons gathered in front of the barn for a picture taking session.  We were joined by the South Carolina Mule and Donkey Association for this ride.  As we headed out, some of the riders left the wagon train for the trails while others followed along on the way to Griggs pond for lunch.  We joined back together just before the pond and continued the last half mile to the pond's edge, together.  The air was cool but the threat of showers held off for a good dry lunch.  As we started back, we once again split up into three different groups.  The wagons went one way, some riders went for a short ride back, but Luann and I decided that since we didn't get to ride on Friday, we would take the longer trail and go by a couple of the other ponds along the way.  We made our way back to the camp just as a few drops of rain started to fall and got in a hurry to unsaddle and get the mules put up before we got wet.  After a short rest, we made our way to the club house for dinner.  We were thankful to have the club house as a dry place to enjoy the food and company, as the rain began to fall pretty hard.  Stacey had once again created another fabulous dinner of chicken  and dumplings, chicken and rice, green beans, and slaw, not to mention all the desserts that were also on the table.
   Sunday began with a cool morning and a more rain.  Even though it almost cleared up for a minute, we decided to forget about riding and to go home.  It didn't take long to pack up and load the mules for the drive home.  Another good ride for the start of the 2013 riding season.
   Our thanks go to Marty and Stacey Sims for hosting this ride and for the delicious dinner.  Also thanks to the SC Mule & Donkey association for joining us.
See Ya on the trail,  riding with Leon,
Teddy Royal
Shannon & Seven, Debbie and Sadie Mae -Ready to ride! 

The Group laughing and already having a good time!

SC M&D Assoc. joined us with several wagons!

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