Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Welcome to a Suburban Refugee

I got a call about a goat who needed a home for a few months. His owners live in Cary, a suburban neighborhood right outside of Raleigh, NC. Apparently his noisy calls for food and attention was waking up the neighbors too early in the morning! So they needed a place to stash him until they can build some fencing on their new farm out in the country.
So with that we welcome our
Suburban Refugee - ASTRO!
A Tennessee Fainting Goat, although I have yet to see him faint.
He has already settled in and gotten the kids next door to feed him sprigs of green grass through the fence. The mules and donkeys were not to sure about him at first, except for Seven to likes goats, but he made his status known in short work by butting his head in the gate any time they got to close to it.

Water Color Of Sadie Mae

Included in the 2009 Christmas cards, Dad sent out a Christmas newsletter, that included a photo of Sadie Mae on the cover of "The Book of Mules" written by Donna Campbell Smith. He told how Sadie Mae and I had been going to some book signings with the author. Chuck Warner from Yuma, AZ, a high school friend of Mom's, saw the Christmas letter and was inspired to paint a water color of Sadie Mae. Chuck was very kind to send me a matted print of his work! Very good if I do say so myself! I love watercolors, I have two already hanging in my living room. Thanks so much Chuck! I love it and will soon get it framed!

Mustang Update!

In October of 2009 I met a nice family at the Best of America By Horseback Ride at Leatherwood. I was really impressed with their daughter Kaitlyn. She is one of the best riders I have ever seen and is only 15 years old. She placed second in the advanced trail challenge class I hosted with a horse she trained herself. That got the wheels turning in my head. I asked if Kaitlyn might be looking for a project. The anwser was yes, a younger horse she could start herself and train. After much considering on both of our parts and a meeting in the Bass Pro Shop parking lot, Kaitlyn had herself a great project. My mustang (Whom I just have not had time for) Buckshot. He seemed to like her right away and I could not wait to see what the two of them would accomplish!
January I emailed Kaitlyn to see how they are getting along! I was so happy to get this report:
Buckshot's doing great!! He loves his new pasture buddy Misty! I've only got to work him a few times until we got 2 feet of snow. It's very interesting to see how different he is from the other horses! (But in a good way) The first night we put them in the barn for the snow, he figured out a way to lift the stall gate off the hinges and let himself out! Then he decided to share the bag of treats with all the others by flinging the bag around while he walked up and down the aisle. Other then that he's been wonderful! I thought I'd send you a few pictures. I've decided to keep his name Buckshot since he already knows it. Thank you so much again! ~Kaitlyn

Starting the NEW YEAR of Right?

I started 2010 off in a not very good way by having my back go out on my pretty severely! Mom stayed here to help me and take care of the mules while I got better. Unfortunately for her it turn out to be one of the longest and coldest periods we have had in a while here in North Carolina. After feeding one morning Mom brought in a chunk of the ice she got off the water troughs. The chunk was about 2 1/2 inches thick. It was unfortunately just the beginning of a lot of ice chopping mom had to do!

Donkey Blanket for Christmas

We had a nice Christmas this year at the St. Clair Red Mule Farm. Mom and Dad came down and we had a great Christmas dinner before opening gifts. My Aunt Cherie and Uncle Ken in California treated me to a most unique gift this year. A blanket made with the image of my two Donkeys Navarre and Chester wrestling on it. She got it from a photo I sent her a couple of months ago! Very cool and unique! Thanks so much!