Friday, May 25, 2012

Horsemanship Update

Rode Seven last night bareback to practice some of my Refined Horsemanship lesson work...from Linda Hoover. 
Now, if I get everything right and stay out of Seven's way, a little bit of Magic Happens!!!

NEW Mule Owner!!

At the RMF Obstacle Course event this year. Tollie and Aimee fell in love with Charlie. An 11 year old John Mule who was staying at my house. He is owned by my friend Debbie, but see needed to sell him because he now has her other mule Jack.  Before they bought him I put together this video to try to help sell him.
So congratulations Tollie! You are a new Mule owner and have a good looking mule at that!

Charlie the Wonder Boy Mule

Corgi Yoga?

Woke up this morning to find Levi (10 month old puppy) still asleep and all twisted around like he was broken into pieces! Not sure how he accomplished this other than to be totally relaxed.  Some kind of new YOGA MOVE? Don't think I will be trying it!

3rd Annual RMF Obstacle Course Weekend

May 19-20 -People started arriving on Friday and we finished setting up the obstacle course! Aime and Tollie help fix a great dinner for everyone with their great baked chicken! Saturday morning I fixed breakfast for those who were staying and then we were off and going the whole day!

I have several new obstacles this year, a mattress, step up block, large tires, water tarp and a sand pit! So the group had a great time working with all the obstacles. The weather us just so perfect we could not believe it! The nice breeze kept it from getting really hot and also added to the obstacles with some moving parts! The Pot luck was a great success with all kinds of really good food for lunch!

Most of the time during the weekend the number of mules out numbered the number of horses, which made me proud! I was impressed with every ones horsemanship and patience with the equines at some of the tougher obstacles! That's what this is all about! Kayla came for the weekend and helped me out as well as taking a ride on Sadie Mae!  Saturday we went on a nice trail ride in the fields around my house!
Saturday night, eleven of us went to the steak house for dinner. The food was good but we had some very entertaining conversations! We stashed mules and horses everywhere for the night, all of them got along and no one make a ruckus during the night!  Sadie got to see her boy friend Cletus! Check out Cletus The Mule on Face book! He has some rather funny posts!
Cletus and Sadie Mae
Sunday was another beautiful day! I had a few new people show up and others that had spent the night were up and riding the course again! Tara and Vicki had such a good time they actually stayed another night! The highlight of Sunday was when Beverly brought her new leased pony Moe, a miniature horse! Before lunch Bev took Moe through all the obstacles, even over the mattress. He looked like he might like to lay down for a nap on it! I helped her hook him up for a drive and she took Kellie for a ride around the pasture!

Many thanks to everyone for coming! We raised $220 for Stolen Horse International and had a wonderful time too!  A special thank you to all of you who helped set up and also helped clean up the course!
I could not believe how great the weather was because last year on the event weekend, we had tornadoes in Raleigh.

On Saturday a professional photographer came and took photos for us: Bryan Pittman from Sliver of Time Photography.  Here is a link to his web site, where you can see all of his photos! 

Here are a few photos I took:
 Coal and Terri! 
 Bev and MOE!!! 

Team Manure Life Cleans Up!!!

April 28th, Christina, Reed and I loaded up the equines, (two horses and my mule) and headed down to Lake Waccamaw for the the High Cotton Obstacle Challenge.

I first must explain Team Manure Life! Reed came up with the idea after seeing tons of stickers for SALT LIFE, a clothing line of beach wear that has become so popular that people place stickers on their car, stating that they love going to the beach! Reed designed a neat log with a manure fork in the place of the F in life! We all wore our t-shirts on Saturday and decided that we were a team!! Turned out we were a team to be reckoned with this weekend!
Check out her t-shirts and join the TEAM!!!  or Like her on Face Book!

We had a great show and the course was as challenging as ever!  Seven and I made it through the tight cones with eggs on top and ended up winning the in-hand class! Christina got second place! In the under saddle classes Christina again won Second in the Green Horn Class. Reed got a third in the Novice class. In the Maters Class Seven and I had a few problems and with competition so tight we got 3rd, with Christina beating us in 2nd place! AWESOME!

That night we had a great meal, thanks to the crock pot and had a nice visit from Tollie and Aimee. Reed set up her tent and we all snuggled in for a good sleep. Poor Reed did not get any sleep! There was a VERY Stinky dog that kept coming near her tent and then a fox that was running around making loud screaming sounds and then kept approching the dog.

We got loaded and on the road by 7:30AM, very impressive for us! Headed toward Denton for the Trail Obstacle Race at the Double G Ranch.  We had another great day! The competition was again stiff and Seven and I had lost our mojo. Not sure where it went, we did the course but not with out usual enthusiasm, we also had some trouble on the teeter totter. This got us 4th place, but still in the money! Christina was 5th place, right behind me, and Reed was thrilled to have jumped all three pile jumps at a trot and lived!
We were very hot, sunburned and tied but very happy with our winnings and performances for the weekend. We headed to Taco Bell, where Seven bought is dinner, and then headed home!

Here is the video from Seven's In-Hand class:
Here is the video from our ride at Denton:

Spring Uwharrie Mule Ride!

April 21st the Carolina Mule Association gathered at 4B farm for another fun ride in the Uwharrie National Forest. It was a beautiful day and we had a great ride! It was so nice to see so many mules and friends!  I took Sadie Mae, as she has not been out much this year. Of course she was good as gold and tough as ever! We had lunch by Badin Lake and then had another rest stop at "The Rocks".  I had a great time using Sadie as a tripod and did a lot of videoing!  We had a club meeting on Saturday evening and then everyone packed up and went home on Sunday morning! We had a huge rain storm blow in, but we were all thankful we got such a great ride in on Saturday!

Check out this video about the mule club ride:
And this one that shows what it is like to ride wonderful Sadie Mae!

 Heading Out!
 Lunch Break!
 The Rocks!