Friday, May 21, 2010

One Heck Of A Surprise!

March 25th Report:
About two weeks ago my friends Donna & Colin Taylor came home late one evening, after having dinner with friends, to find a great surprise. They walked down to check on their three equines, Blanche the ancient horse and the two donkeys, Lottie and Lucy. When they looked over the stable door they they found that Lottie has just foaled! Donna and Colin had no idea that Lottie was pregnant, they just thought she was a little fat. So Donna was very surprised and called some friends and the vet to come out and check them both.

After a few days and finally some rest Donna was able to get some good photos of the Donkey foal and name her Fiona! Which I thought was great since that was my best friend's name when I lived in England. Donna says that Fiona is quite a ham for the camera, as we can see!
Congratulations Donna and Colin!


March 25th Report:
Long Story short I had to have back surgery on Jan. 29th. I had a Microdiscotomy and was in the hospital for two days. The surgery went well but the nursing care afterwards was not so good. Plus a snow storm hit and Mom was not able to come visit or get me till I was discharged. We headed home and I was nervous because we were still driving on slick roads and I
was worried about someone else hitting us. As we drive into the little town where I live Mom's car started loosing power. She kept going and just barely made it to my repair shops parking area. She lifted the hood and her fan belt had broken and come off all the wheels. We were very stuck! Mom was panicking a little as I was in no shape to have this happen!
I called Lisa and Lawson and lucky for me they were home and willing to come and pick us up. About 10 minutes later they drive up in an old 80's Bronco that was an Army Surpluse vehicle that Lawson's employer had given him to drive in the snow. It had a lift on it and was very interesting looking! Mom and Lisa got into the back and Lawson had a bucket for me to step up on to and then get into the truck. I got mostly in but he had to pick up my right leg and put it in the truck for me! He very carefully drove us home! Once we got there I had Lawson get my mounting block to make it easier to get out!
My life is never dull! Even something as mundane as coming home from the hospital, for some reason, turns into an adventure! Mom took care of the mules and I stayed in my recliner and home from work for two weeks. I started going back to work the next week part time. I have not been able to ride since the surgery and did not ride for nearly 2 months before it so the mules at this time are unworked and fat and sassy!
This weekend I hope to get on Sadie Mae for some walking around riding. The surgeon gave me premission to ride this week! It will still be many more months before I am back in full swing again!
Thankfully everything went so well. I want to thank my parents for helping me during this and thank all my friends for the cards, emails and phone calls!