Thursday, June 6, 2013

CMA Sandhills Trail Ride

Debbie and I drove down for the day to join everyone for a Carolina Mule Association Sandhills Trail Ride on March 2nd.  I was surprised when not many people were there. I think the threat of cold weather and snow had scared some people off.  We did start the morning with a short but very pretty snow flurry, but we had a wonderful ride and ending with a clear blue sky and our jackets off!

Along the trail we ran into an old friend from Fayetteville driving around in his truck. Jack Cain drove along with us for a little while and then stopped for lunch with us.  Seven was doing his very fast flat walk down the side of the sandy road so I had Jack clock us! 5.5 miles per hour!!  Who can believe that from a Belgian Draft Crossed Mule?

Seven and I played with some of the trail obstacle there at the farm when we returned from the ride!  One of them required him to push with his chest and his nose against a bar, to move a barrel.  I have never asked him to do anything like that before but he soon figured it out!

The beautiful blue sky we ended the day with! 

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