Saturday, January 26, 2013

Winter Sun Sets and Sun Rises are the BEST!

One afternoon I arrived home and this was taken from my front gate!!  Lucky I had my camera!

Angel in the Pasture

Over Christmas break I finally got the Angel put into the ground out by Jesse and Jake's grave site! Dad helped and Mom took photos while I dug a hole and put concret around the base!
I came home the other day to find Navarre taking a nap right next to her!  I wish I had my camera for that one!

Sadie Mae's Letter Home

Dear Shannon,

I am having a great time here with Kellie!
We have been going trail riding very often, but only on warm days! I have made a new friend named Ethel, he is dark brown and we gang up and pick on Cletus de Mule all the time!

Before Christmas Kellie dressed me up and we got to ride in a Parade! I was so proud to carry Kellie through the Parade!

Kellie clipped and groomed me up the other week when it was warm. I really enjoyed all the extra attention! We famous mules have to keep our appearances up!

We went trail riding the other day and I found some really good grass under water! So you know me, I had to go and get it!

Sadie blowing bubbles! 

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A RMF Happy New Year! Welcome 2013!

Levi Says "Happy 2013!"

 Twila Merrill is trying a new style with her hat!

 Seven is special he got to wear the streamers!

Navarre wants to know where his treat is for wearing this!

 Twila got the Pink hat because she is the LADY of the group!

 Hand it over!

Navarre is finally comfortable with his hat! Looking too cute! 

Driving Twila Merrill

A week or so before Christmas Jay Lankford told me I could bring Twila up for the day and he would check her out for Driving! Well you know I would take him up on that one!
I was sick for over a week before Christmas so Mom and Dad came down for Christmas to my house. A few days after Christmas I felt well enough to take her and Jay had a free day to help me out.
Mom and I cleaned my heavy work harness and I took it as Jay was interested in buying it.
Debbie decided to come along with me for the Twila adventure! I thought this was great since she came with me to go and pick her up and then came on the H. Cooper Black ride adventure too!
We arrived at 10:45 and really got lucky with the weather! It was cold for sure but the wind died down for us!
Jay went right to work and we got Twila harnessed in a nice work harness with a collar but was much lighter because it is made of bio-thane. She looked great in the harness too!
 We took her to his big round pen and he ground drove her around, testing her steering and stopping. Both need some work!  But with each thing he added she handled it so well. She only took a few quick steps when we let the single tree drag on one side so the hames would touch her leg. Then he hooked a tractor tire to her. She stepped right off and pulled the tire. We let her stop and rest and learn to stand still in between. Each time I asked she just stepped right off and went to work.  Jay soon decided we could hook her to his fore cart! I was a little nervous about this part but she once again stepped right off like it was no big deal!  Soon Jay let me drive her around too! I was so excited! Thrilled is more like it!

So before I left Jay and I did some harness trading and I went home with the harness she wore and he had my old double set of harness.  We then went to Jay's tack work shop and she showed us some of his neat saddles and projects!
Debbie and I went shopping at the Saddle Bags Gift Store. Annette opened up shop for us! We each bought a SunBody Western hat. Debbie got her shaped specially by Jay! Debbie found an neat mirror that had been framed with reclaimed wood and had antlers horns for hooks for her bathroom.

When we headed home I could hardly contain myself. I was so excited about how well Twila did driving that day. We have lots of home work, to improve our steering and stopping but she is sure off to a great start!

Christmas Themed Trail Obstacle Competition!

Our friend Reed held a Christmas themed trail obstacle competition on Dec. 8th.  Christina and I would not miss this for the world!  My friend Todd brought his mules Coal and Lizzy. Rebecca brought Nellie and several other regulars came too!
The course was pretty challenging! There was a giant moving blow up reindeer in one corner and then she had tinsel and even a Christmas Tree in the middle of the arena!  We all had great fun!
I placed 3rd in the in-hand class and 2nd in the open class after a ride off!  They had us put both front feet on a board and side pass around to the right twice!
We had a lot of fun and it was a nice relaxing day with friends! Plus the ribbons had SANTA and a horse on them!
Thanks Reed! We look forward to the next one!
Videos on YouTube!

Vicky comes to ride the Long Ears!

My friend Vicky Thomas whom I met at a clinic a few months earlier came up for the day to ride Seven and Twila. She told me, when she found out I had mules, that she had always wanted to ride one! So of course I said for her to just come on up!
Reed came up for the day and brought her big mule Ted! So it was going to be an all mule and one donkey trail ride! GREAT!
Reed also brought her very yummy cheese dip! YUM!

Another fun and successful Trail Ride! YEA! 

Vicky and Seven!

Vicky gave Twila a quick try out! 

Vicky and Seven, Reed and Ted

Shannon and Twila -Braking System Went OUT! LOL!