Monday, September 24, 2012

Wonderful Day With Friends & Long Ears!

 Always a good view from between Twila's Donkey Ears!!

It was a beautiful day! Reed brought Ted her mule over and Christina came over to ride Seven on a trail ride. I took Twila out for our 4th ride and 3rd trail ride. She just keeps getting better each time!

We had a nice relaxing ride for about 2 1/2 hours. Twila showed me again why I love big saddle donkeys! A deer jumped out right in front of Twila and then ran along side and jumped into the woods again. She just stopped and looked at it! I gave her a big hug for that!  She crossed the rain road tracks, two ditches and jumped a small creek!

Christina did great with Seven and even got him up into his little gaited walk and Reed even got Ted to trot out on the trail a bit!

After we returned from the ride we went out for an early dinner to Christina's favorite Mexican place!
Wonderful and great day with my good Human and Long Ear Friends! Can't beat that! 

Seven and Christina

Reed and Ted

Twila and Shannon in the Woods.

Twila and Shannon

Seven & The Horse Trainer

Seven and I traveled to Denton NC for another Trail Obstacle Race at Brock and Leisha Griffith's farm. Seven is very well and actually won this time! Everyone brought their A game so it was close!
While I was riding Brock said that Seven looked like he was fun to ride. I told he he could try him out later. Brock took me up on that and took him for a spin around the arena after the competition.  It was fun for me to watch Brock ride him since he is such a good rider I got to see Seven perform at his best!

Is that Seven making Brock look good or Brock making Seven look good?

Twila Merrill's New Halter!

Twila's new fashion halter came in the mail today! She told me she likes it very much! 
Thanks, Cat! Perfect fit! 

Friday, September 21, 2012

South Mountain Mule Ride

We all took off with some cooler weather for one of my favorite places to ride. South Mountains NC State Park. On the way there I stopped at a new place to get gas and as I took a short cut road to get back on track I ended up in an old mill town with lots of old houses. I slowed way down and wondered what this place was. Then I saw the sign in the middle of town, it was the place they filmed the town scenes from the Movie, "The Hunger Games" I had heard it was some were in Western North Carolina but did not realize that it was right off of Route 40.  I stopped to take some photos on my way back out! 

We had a nice ride with a small group on Friday afternoon and then the last of the crowd arrived for the night. After a nice visit by the camp fire, we had a nice night with wonderful cool sleeping weather! 
Saturday morning we headed out on the trails with some of us still in jackets! We headed up the Saddleback trail (My favorite) and all the mules were very workman like, giving no one any trouble. About half way up the three mile trail we came upon a huge rattle snake sunning himself on the side of a log. I was near the back and stopped to get a good photo of him, which we used later to count that he had 14 rattles! YIKES! But he did not even move as the rest of us rode by! This was the time I was glad to be riding a good mule who knew how to move off my leg. As I moved Seven to the very edge as we when by.  About five minutes later the mule in front nearly stepped on a Copper Head who was also sunning himself on the trail! OH boy!!!  
We rode on and went to a wonderful open area for lunch. We can hobble the mules and let them full up on green grass while we relax and have lunch.  As we were spread all over the field I noticed a hiker appear from one side of the meadow, he had one of those child hiking carriers with a young child in th back. I watched him for a little while as he stood with his hands on his hips and mouth wide open, chin dropped to the floor. Then he moved so he could see more of the mules and just stood and watched, chin to the floor. Finally some other hikers appeared behind him and they stood in amazement too! Rascel went over to them and talked to them, let them pet a mule or two. Rascal said that they did not even realize that there were mules till he told them, then he was even more amazed! 
We had a nice long ride and once we got in we let the dogs play before supper. They played hard and all had a good time! Levi was playing with his ball and then others joined in. Holly's new puppy Lucy, Max and Lu's puppy Dallas and Teddy and LuAnn's dogs Daisy and ____.
Bruce had a wonderful dinner cooked for us. A trail stew with all kinds of sides! Of course the deserts were wonderful with cobbler and Ice Cream and other things.  Toward the end of the evening, Jennifer got up to take her dish back to the trailer and she saw something moving under the table. When she looked down it was another bigger Copper Head Snake. Rascel chased it way! 
We had all been warned about a bear who had been coming and visiting the dumpster in camp, at this point no one cared about the Bear anymore! 
About 3AM the rains came. In the morning it kept raining lightly and then quitting. It seemed like every time we made a move to start to get ready to ride it would pick up rain again.  So we all packed out things, said our good byes and headed home! 
Here is a link to the video I made from our ride: 

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Another Great Weekend!

Had a great time on Saturday Judging an Open Horse Show in Halifax, NC. Great group of people and some good horses! Except for one BAD Horse Fly who decided I would be his lunch! He bit me five times before my ring steward had to whack me and kill it! FFEWW!

Saturday night some rough thunderstorms came through but it brought us our first taste of fall. So we were ready to ride on Sunday! 

Debbie with her mule Tucker and Christina with Oakley came over for some arena/obstacle work. We finished the day with a nice trail ride. I took Twila Merrill out for our 3rd ride! She is a little rough around the edges but was nearly perfect on our 1 1/2 hour ride!

The view from between Twila Merrill's Ears! That's Debbie and Tucker in front of us! 

Friday, September 7, 2012

Seven Wins Twice

Last weekend Reed and I went to a Trail Obstacle Competition in Lake Waccamaw.  It was a very hot and long day but we both had a good time. Reed's horse Fortune and Seven were both so good. We were able to park and rope off an area, making a small paddock area for them to hang out and eat grass. We sat in chairs in the shade with my battery powered fans on our faces trying to cool off! 

About half way through that afternoon and in between classes Fortune saw something across the way and got so scared of it, that Seven was starting to get scared too! So we grabbed them both and I went to go investigate what he was looking at. It turned out to be a friendly Pot-Bellied Pig in a pen. I scratched his head and he oinked at me! 

I knew Seven would not be scared of him so we took them over to see the pig. Seven walked right up to the fence and sniffed at the pig. Fortune was still not so sure but Reed walked up to the fence and Fortune got a lot closer. Reed said it was her first time scratching a pig! 

We had a great show, Seven won both the In-Hand class out of 22 people and then won the Masters Class! 

The Masters takes that same obstacles and makes them harder by adding Horsemanship challenges. Like putting horses two front feet in the Water Box for the count to three, Stop on the twin size mattress for the count to three. The hardest one was a circle of Chalk on the ground. You had to put his front right foot in the circle, then put both front feet in the circle and do a 360 degree turn on the forehand. 

Here is a link to the video:

I am so Proud of my Seven and treasure the relationship we have! 
Which is what Horsemanship is all about!!

It took me all of Sunday to recover from being out in the heat all day, and the late night getting in. But on Monday (Labor Day) Debbie brought her mule Tucker over for a ride. I rode Seven a little in the arena with her, but then I tacked up Twila for a short trail ride. Everything went so well. I had to do a lot of steering and some encouraging with my legs to get started out, but she soon relaxed and walked out with her neck laid out and head down. She even went through the big ditch! I was so happy with how she was doing, that I giggled the whole time!  Later that day Craig the Farrier showed up and she got shoes for her front feet!  I can't wait to take her for another spin!  

 Judge Heather Hines, Seven, Me, Mary Miller Jordon and FK.

 My awards, Saddle pads and custom necklaces!
 Twila's new shoes! The wholes are spots were she has some healing White Line. Reed said it looked like she has Open Toed shoes!