Sunday, June 9, 2013

Riding with More Friends! 6/9/2013

Another fun day of riding and friends!
I rode Twila and Debbie Richardson brought over he new awesome donkey named Blue.
Reed Tucker rode Ted and Amy rode her horse Fiona. Tara, #2 came over for a ride on Sadie Mae!

Great day, a little humid but we made it work!

Twila got to wear her new Bridle! I picked out the sliver and Circle G Livestock Feed-Goods fixed it up for me and made the brow band bigger!!  Twila approved of it! !
The view from Twila Merrill 

Heading through the all grass

Debbie and Blue

Amy and Fiona/Reed and Ted

Tara and Sadie Mae

Amy and Fiona

Twila Merrill and her new bridle! 

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