Monday, November 16, 2009

Mule Club Leatherwood Ride

The weather was prefect for a Fall ride at Leatherwood!

Friday afternoon Jane and I met up and took on the challenge of Ambush Trail (one of mine and Jane's favorites!) We then went to the Elk Creek over look before heading back to camp. It was a cool, crisp night and I took advantage of the quite camp ground and headed to bed early.

Saturday only three riders made it for the weekend. Jane and her Token Mule Club Horse Val and Beverly and her mule Gypsy Rose, of course Sadie Mae and myself. We set out on a very cool morning and as we climbed the hills the temperature also climbed. Some of the trees still had their brilliantly colored leaves. The ones that did not let us see the mountain views that are hidden all summer!

We rode Cowboy trail and had lunch in a meadow sitting in the cool grass! Sadie tried to take a roll in the meadow (Can't say that I don't blame her) but my saddle was on! Beverly's mule Rose was very good the whole ride but tried some new 'tricks' on Beverly once we got back to the barn. She wanted to stay with Val the horse rather than ride over to the other barn with Sadie. Beverly handled it well and persisted and was rewarded by winning that battle! Both are well on their way to a great partnership!

Saturday night Jane's husband Paul, who was out hiking during the day, saved us by getting a wonderful fire going! It was a cool evening with the stars shinning bright. Beverly and I surprised Jane with a birthday cake and card. Her birthday was the next week.

Sunday we set out for a shorter ride. The sky was just as clear and the trails so quite! Hardly a bird was even up that morning! After coming in Jane and Paul hit the road and Beverly and I enjoyed a great lunch at the Saddlebrook Resturant before loading up and heading home!

CMA Makes the NEWS - Again!

Check out this link! Holly & Bruce Fisher hosted a work day and ride at Dupont Forest last weekend. This is the Mule Club's second time helping out DuPont State Forest. Kenny Tyndall, Rondal Hudson and Rascal Annas brought mules to help with a tree clearing project! 60 logs in one day!
I am so proud of our members for helping the Forest do things in a more environmentally sound way!!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Birthday Party for a Poitou Donkey?

Yes, it just happens that Navarre's Birthday is the same day as mine, Oct. 26th, also National Mule Day. Do we need any more excuses for a party? I did not think so!
Many thanks to my parents for making a special trip to come to the party and help me get everything ready!
Many thanks to Molly for coming a day early to also help get things ready!!

Many thanks to all my great friends who attended and brought such great food to share and surprised me with presents too! We all had a great time despite the cold, wind and rain.
It did clear up enough for Sadie Mae to give two pony rides to the kids, Tyler and Naomi who showed up!
To answer your burning question Navarre was 2 years old and Shannon turned another year older, but not any big miles stone numbers!

Thanks everyone! Shannon

Poitou Donkey Navarre and Shannon
Mom and Dad!

Lisa, Shannon & Bev

Navarre's Cake!

Pony rides!