Friday, June 7, 2013

Riding with Friends 6/2/2013

My friend Trish came down to visit the mules. I have not seen her in well over 10 years. I used to show Quarter Horses with her daughter and I also used to house sit for her. We had a great time catching up and stayed up way to late the night before!
Sunday we dragged ourselves out of bed and got breakfast ready just in time for my friend Carol to show up. We pulled out all the mules and started getting everyone ready to ride.
Soon Christina showed up with her horse Oakley and then Tara with her horse Tye.
Soon the trail ride was on!
We had a wonderful ride! All the equines were good and the weather was wonderful with a cool breeze blowing!
Once we returned, we were treated to lunch that Tara brought, a salmon pasta and some delicious bread! Then it was time for birthday cake! We sang Christina, Happy Birthday and then made a big dent into a strawberry torte cake!
It was a lovely day with some lovely ladies! Not a day I shall soon forget!
Trish and Tye

Carol and Sadie Mae, Carol's first trail ride!

Tara and Twila Merrill

Carol got Sadie to get on the stand! 

The Group!

Tara and Twila

Christina and Oakley

The group between from between Seven's Ears! 

Trish, Tara and Tye

Meadow spent the day learning some patience! Good Girl! 

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