Friday, June 7, 2013

The Unplanned Addition

Welcome, St. Clair's Meadow Lark, to the Red Mule Farm. 
I was judging a show at Flintrock Farm when my friend and mentor Jay told me I needed to go and look at a new mule he had for sale...... I really dared not to look but then he told me she was a buckskin color and super quiet.  Besides he said, "Your mules are getting older and you need another one coming along." Sounds reasonably. So I went to look..... UH OH.....

Could not stop thinking about her...... so I had to go and look. Noelle had been riding her and was doing a very good job. Noelle even rode her right over some obstacle that I brought with me.
I rode her and then took her out on her own to ride her around the barn areas.
When I returned Jay said, "So before you tell me what you like about her, tell me what you don't like about her." I had to think for a moment but I answered, "Nothing" He agreed that he also had not been able to find anything he did not like about her either.
So a deal was struck and I loaded her up and took her home......UH OH....

Woke up the next morning and could not believe what was in my pasture. A beautiful Molly mule, buckskin with lots of Dun markings, super friendly, calm, about 14.3 with an inch or so to grow and a nice start on her under saddle. She is three and will be 4 in July.  I would not have had any interest in her if she had not also been so good minded!

Sadie Mae was very jealous of her and I thought Seven would be too, but I ask Seven help me, "Show her the ropes" and I think that helped!
So now I have a long term project.......   She follows me around the pasture like a dog and wants me to do something with her.  I rode her the other night and she had a good fast ear flopping walk and went right over the two bridges I have in the pasture and the tire rings! No Problem! So excited about the possibilities for this young mule!

Me trying out Meadow at Jay's place.

Shining golden in the morning sun! Wanting to come out and play again!

Meadow's Dorsal Stripe and tail with cream around it! 

Some of Meadow's interesting colors. 

Please Mom, don't go to work, say and play with me! 

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