Friday, November 9, 2012

Belt Buckle Arrives

 Too cute Leisha addressed it to both me and Seven!!!

The anticipation was both scaring me and killing me!!

WOW! WOW! WOW! I love it so much! 

Trophy buckle purse I ordered from Heart of the West! Leslie was so patient with me, letting me pick conchos, buckles and strap colors! 

Final product! I feel like I have to dress up just to carry this purse with me now!   

Fall DuPont Working Weekend with the CMA

LINK to my Video of this weekend:

I got up early and picked up Rebecca and her horse Nellie. We enjoyed the drive and got there around 2pm. Time enough to get set up and then take a short ride on Thursday night! We rode out with Angie and Rascal and ride we did! We trotted and cantered up the trail to the Air strip. It was a wonderful evening and we got some great photos!
Angie & Rascal at the end of the airstrip! 

Rebecca and Nellie!

Friday morning we all got together and went to work Rascal and Angie's two mules did all the log dragging and we quickly cleared out the pre-cut down fire wood.
After a quick lunch we headed out on the trail again for another nice ride!
We had another nice evening by the fire with some good food!

Saturday we rode out right at 9AM and enjoyed the covered bridge and waterfalls before heading to meet Forest Ranger David Brown at the bottom of Stone Mountain. We followed him up the steep long climbing mountain. Once we got to the top and secured the mules we went to work setting up a permanent high line tie and a tie rail. Some of us headed the est of the way up the mountain to help clear trail. It was really pretty up there at 3,500 feet! With beautiful weather you could see for miles!
That night we got together for the Big Man Pan Meal! Everyone brings together ingredients and cook it together with bread and pies! YUM!

Myself and Seven ride out with Rebecca and Nellie.

Sandra and Steve Hyder

The group heads over the covered bridge on the way to the water falls. 

Sunday morning we rode out early, a small group of only 7 of us but we covered a lot of ground and had the park nearly to ourselves. It was a pretty morning and we stopped for lunch by Julia Lake. As we rode in the wind picked up and it started getting cooler. So we were heading home just in time for a cold front and some rain to come in that evening!
Sunday's group at Lake Julia!