Friday, July 12, 2013

Sun Flowers

I took Seven out on an unplanned ride on Tuesday evening (7/9/13) and rode over to the farmers land, across the rail road tracks. As I came down the other side I was treated to bright yellow sun flowers all a bloom with the evening sun just touching them for the last time!


Nicole Mauro said...

I would like to talk with you in regards to mules. I have a molly mule that I saved from slaughter I would like to chat about tack. I live in beaufort NC.


mimosagrace Grable said...

Your mules are so beautiful! I volunteer in Raleigh at Hope Reins, so I get lots of horse time - I've always wanted to play with a mule though ;)

mimosagrace Grable said...

Oh and we will be at the corgi picnic this year - hope to see you there!!!
Heidi and Mimosa