Saturday, July 6, 2013

Meadow Meets The RED BALL!

Originally my Corgi's ball was a horse toy ball I bought for the mules and when they didn't like it I gave it to Reuben. I now have a new red ball that Levi loves to play with all the time! On this evening the mules were standing around looking bored. So much to Levi's dismay I took his ball and threw it over the fence for Meadow to take a look at!  She stepped away from it at first but then walked right up to it, sniffed and then pawed it. I kicked it around a little and she followed it a little but soon lost interest. Seven was not too interested in having that ball any where near him.  
Levi sure was relieved once he got his ball back!  Maybe I will order Meadow on of those giant horse sized balls to play with!

Meadow and the RED BALL! 

Seven leaving the area! 

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