Saturday, July 6, 2013

Something from 7 Different Places, Equal 1 Special Bridle for Meadow!

This is Meadow's Bridle. I used something from the following places to pull this all together!
1. Used Horse Headstall I got with some stuff from a friend (brow band too small)
2. Brow band from a old mule bridle (head stall was too big for Meadow)
3. Used Bit purchased from a friend
4. Throat Latch replaced by a leather smith 
5. Horse Hair Tassels - from some stuff I had from another project
6. Reins from supplier on Ebay
7. Conchos from different supplier on Ebay

Finally got to try it on her today! Perfect fit and not too shabby either! 
Mmmmmm that MAGIC Number 7 at work again.......???

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