Saturday, July 6, 2013

You Know It Is HOT When......

The Corgi's want their Pool set up! And YES that is a Corgi DOOR I cut into the side of the pool! 

You see strange Cloud Formations! I have a friend in Missouri who sent me a photo of in Face Book or nearly the same looking clouds from the same afternoon! Amazing! 
We decided it looked like GOD took a rake to his clouds! 

Your very sensitive mule, SEVEN, stands with out being held to be hosed off! 

Even the Butterflies are looking for a DRINK! 

 You see a wonderful Rainbow after a big thunderstorm! 

 The Farrier comes REALLY early in the Morning!  This was an exciting Day! I have owned Twila the donkey for 1 year now and we trimmed the last of the White Line damaged hoof off! 
A celebration is in order! 

Navarre was so excited he had to step into the mix of things to give Twila a HUG!  
Might have even been too HOT for HUGS! 

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