Friday, July 5, 2013

A Concert, A Competition And A Cut!

We started Friday Night with dinner and a Zac Brown Band Concert! With Reed, Tara and Jim! Late night but it was a wonderful concert! No one sat down the entire time!  Zac played some of his music but then we heard everything from Metallica to Dave Matthews Band! 
Tara and Reed waiting on the lawn for the show to start! 

The next morning Christina and I left for an obstacle course competition called the June Jam, in Lumberton, NC. I also brought along Meadow for a field trip! She was great and showed a lot of patience being at the trailer for most of the day. I tacked her up and ponied her all over the show grounds and she impressed me with how well she took everything in.  
Photo by:  Jan Brown DeVos 
It was a HOT day that went back and forth between blazing sun to clouds and drizzle. We never knew what to expect, but we made the most of it! I met some new friends and got to know some new ones better.   
Seven and I won the in-hand class out of 20 people! This is one of the tougher obstacles! 
Photo by: Beth Antone Herndon
Then in the Open Riding Class I placed 4th but Christina placed 2nd on my own MULE!  She has been asking to show him in a competition for a while so I let her and she beat my on my own mule! 

We returned home at Mid-Night so I slept in the next day. But with some really hot weather predicted for the next week I knew I had to give Navarre his Summer hair cut! He was very good and I think knew I was helping him out! 
So after that, I was glad the next day was Monday so I could go to WORK and get some rest working!

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