Saturday, July 6, 2013

Awesome Neighbor Comes To The Rescue

A few weeks ago a really bad storm blew through town. Hard rain and some wild winds, I was lucky to only lose a few shingles from my roof and a tree at the bottom of the pasture.  That night I moved the mules/donkeys into the sheep pasture and the sheep in to the pasture with the tree down. Being an Oak tree, I did not want them to eat the leaves and mess with the partially down fence.

On July 3rd I had a big tooth pulled and spent most of the day on the 4th in my recliner but by that evening I was feeling better and that tree at the bottom of the pasture didn't seem so big. (This was also the first BLUE SKY day we have had in weeks)
So I got my little electric saw-zaw and my hand saw and headed down the hill. As I got closer I remembered how much bigger the tree was than I remembered.
OK, so move to plan B.
Cut some of the side branches off the tree so that when someone came over with a chain saw it would be easier for them to chop the trunk of the tree down.
So I raised my saw-zaw and started in on the first limb. It was not really going well as the shaving had already gone into my eyes, hair and down my shirt, when David drove down his driveway on his trail machine. He stopped and asked me what I was wanting to do with that tree.
I told him plan B and he said, "Stay here, I am going to go get my chain saw." He was back in minutes and cutting the tree to bits! I could hardly keep up pulling the big branches away as he cut them! WOW!  He soon had the tree off of the fence and the broken part of the trunk on the ground!
I am so grateful for all that help! So amazed how quickly he just took care of that problem!

Neighbor making short work of the damaged tree! AWESOME! THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Beautiful Butterfly who came to check out the good vibes of neighbor helping neighbor! 

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