Monday, February 21, 2011

She was here and then she was just GONE......

For some reason God took one of my dear friends Sarah Joyner to heaven, on Feb. 5th. She was in an unexplainable one car accident. I was so crushed then her sister called me the next morning to tell me. None of us can believe that she is gone.
I met Sarah a few years ago when I started working at the Vet School. We seemed to be instant friends although we really did not have that much in common. She did not ride but loved to read books and was into all kinds of things mystical. Dragons, Halloween, crafts and her family. We ate lunch together nearly every day and I loved to hear about her grand kids, the books she was reading and all the neat things she was doing. She in turn would listen to all my adventures with the mules. When ever I had a party at my house, even if it was the Shannon and Navarre the Donkey Birthday Party, she and her wonderful husband William would always come. She used to say that "William could fix a rainy day!" After I was not working at the Vet School any more we continued to maintain a close friendship. We would meet for lunch several times a week and share our stories. I still come home from an adventure and think, oh I can't wait to tell Sarah, but then realize she is not there any more.
There is a big hole in my heart from losing my friend!
Sarah was in a belly dancing troop when she was younger!
One Sarah and Williams many costumes for the famous Halloween Parties!

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