Saturday, February 5, 2011

H. Cooper Black with Horse Riders

I was invited by Cobie and Susan to come for a weekend at H. Cooper Black. They had a group of friends going to ride for the weekend. Susan’s horse started to have some lameness problems and so I told her I would be glad to bring Sadie Mae to ride. We arrived in Cheraw and stopped to get some Subway sandwiches to eat later for lunch. Once we arrived and got the mules settled and the trailer parked, we were both very hungry. As some of the others arrived and set up their camp, we had our lunch and watched everyone. Then it was time to saddle up. We took off for a shorter ride, but had to watch which way we went as the Palmetto Retriever club was competing with their dogs at some of the ponds. The mule club always goes in the spring when they are there, so it was fun to see the group again! We had a nice ride and wove our way through some of the trailways from the ponds. Everyone’s horses were fresh and we had the chance to do a little cantering! That night Cobie cooked dinner for everyone. It got rather cold, so we all had showers and turned in early.

The next morning Susan got up early and even cleaned stalls and fed the mules for me! I told her she could come any time! Most of the group was not very excited to ride in this cooler weather but Nancy, Susan, and I rode out. We headed for the goose pond to lunch. We had a great time and Nancy and Susan, who had never been to the lake before, thought it was very pretty. About halfway home we ran into the rest of the group that had finally decided to go out for a ride. That night we had a great chille and salad dinner and spend the evening by a warm campfire!

Sunday morning several people headed home, but those that were left went out for another ride. It was great fun. We did some more cantering though the woods. We ran into a few other riders, but otherwise we had nearly the whole camp to ourselves!

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