Saturday, February 5, 2011

Uwharrie Ride

Most of the mule group watering our mule down at the River.

The mule club headed up to the Uwharrie National Forest for another ride and camp at the 4B Farm in Troy, NC. We saddled up for our ride on Saturday morning, and it was going to be a pretty fall day! It was Halloween weekend, and I wondered what trickery was coming our way!

The ride went really well, and we ran into several other groups with horses. Then we ran into two of our members riding with another group. It was Nate and Bonita. Bonita was riding a mule they have named Festus. Their group stood off to the side, and we all greeted one another as our group of close to thirty passed by. Toward the end of the group, Bonita’s mule decided that he would like to ride with all the other mules and not the horses he was with. Bonita was helpless to pull his head around to make him go back. After awhile, Nate just called to her to go with us and told us to take good care of her! Jay even pulled the mule to the back with intentions of taking Festus back to his group. Once he got there, Nate and his group had already left, so they just came back to our group. Everyone was laughing about it, including Bonita.

The funniest part of the whole thing is that a few new members in the club did not realize that we knew Bonita and could not believe that we were riding off with someone and her mule like that!

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