Saturday, February 5, 2011

Raven Rock Ride With Bev

On a semi-warm day, the first week in December, I hauled Sadie Mae down to Lillington, NC. I stopped at Bev’s house and we loaded her mare, Babe, onto my trailer right on the side of the road! She just hopped right on! Off we went to Raven Rock State Park, which is a quiet wooded park with about 10 miles of trails. We had a great ride and even took some photos by one of the waterfalls! Both mule and horse were in no hurry to get anywhere, and Bev and I enjoyed the slow pace by noticing funky trees and plants along the trail.

This was the first time I had been to the park in over five years. Last time I came to the park with Seven, we helped the trail-rebuilding project by log skidding some timber out to different areas of the trail. It was really fun to come back and see all the culvert bridges that had been built with the wood that we had pulled out there.

Bev and I took some photos at the waterfall!

Bev and Babe!

Shannon and Sadie Mae.

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