Saturday, February 5, 2011

Dock Diving

Molly and her Boston Terrier, Mandy, had a Dock Diving Event near my house, so they came to stay with us over the weekend. I went to the show with them and took Reuben, too! We had gone swimming a few nights in the lake behind my house. Reuben really liked it, but with all his fur he could not stay afloat too well. So I bought him a life preserver made just for dogs. With that, he could swim and not drown! At the event, Mandy broke her own record and jumped 17 feet – quite a distance for a Boston Terrier! Reuben got so excited when the dogs ran and jumped, so we signed him up to let him give it a try. It is a long way down off of the dock, so Mandy got involved to help. I picked Reuben up and put him down in the water a few times and then one time he jumped – or was he pushed? We met two wonderful sisters who have a photography business, and they caught Reuben jumping! Both sisters also have Corgis that like to dock dive, too! They do great portraits and action shots! Thanks for the great shots!

Here is a link to their website:

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