Saturday, February 5, 2011

Medoc Mountain State Park

Having had enough of staying in the house because of the cold weather, I met my friend Lillian to ride at a new place for me! Medoc Mountain State Park. It is about one hour north of my home. It was great! It had a nice parking area with a picnic shelter, bathroom plus 10 miles of trails which were great. We just bundled up and went for it! I knew it was cold but when I got home they said it never got above freezing all day! ACK!! Lillian and I both looked like Michelin Tire Women! But we stayed reasonably warm. The outside and back part of my feet got cold and once in awhile my chin. Lillian said her nose was getting cold, but not till we were headed in! She rode a cute walking horse mare named Olivia. Lillian has been riding Olivia for the owner just to get more miles on her. This was her first big trail ride and she did great the entire time!

The Warm Michelin Women!
Lillian and Olivia!
Sadie and Olivia!

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