Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Trail Challenge that 7 & I Were Not Ready for!

Saturday came along some how very quickly! Seven was not ready or even tuned up, too fat even for the event! I was tired from the last trip but we wanted to support the Halifax Trail Challenge. So off we went, not expecting anything but to have fun!

The course was great and some new things too! I was very proud of Seven as he conquered the Pool Noodle Gate like a Brave Boy! No launching in the air this time!
The Scare crow still upset him but he carried the injured animal very well! (Stuffed Animal)
Thanks Casey Armstrong for taking some great photos for me!
Seven placed second and we got a nice plaque and won our entry fee back! I was not expecting anything as we were unprepared but we can in right behind Danny! A tough competitor!

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