Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Gift Delivered Safe and Sound!

Jazzy (see post called The Gift of Jazzy) was delivered to Katie this Sunday the 26th of April.
I got up early and gave Jazzy a very thorough bath, combed out his mane and tail and sprayed him with show sheen so he would look dazzling for Katie!

We arrived after a long drive and I think the whole neighborhood showed up to greet him!
Of course the first thing Jazzy did when we let him loose in his new paddock was to ROLL!

The barn is mostly finished with a nice stall and a shady place for him to hang out! He has a nice pasture with plans for lots more acreage in with works.

Katie said she knew she would be spending all of her free time out at the barn now!

Katie will not be able to ride for a while yet as she still has some healing to do but I could see visions of trail rides through the beautiful peach orchards dancing in her eyes!

I hope that Jazzy will be her best medicine yet!!

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