Friday, April 3, 2009

The Gift of Jazzy

Some times things just come together and happen all in the right order for a reason!

Over Christmas I was riding with my friends Bob and Holly. I noticed that Jazzy his 17 year old Spotted Saddle horse was having a little problem with his hocks. Bob got him checked by the vet and sure enough he has some arthritis. Bob had owned Jazzy for over 14 years and has ridden him on pack trips out West and all over the country. He is a sturdy, great minded horse and beautiful too. After much painful thought and consideration. Bob decided that he wanted to sell or find Jazzy a new home since he did not want to hurt him anymore by riding him all day in the mountains. So Bob started looking into donating him to a Therapeutic Riding group. All the groups were filled up at the time.
About that same time Linda, Dr. Mansmann's wife was telling me about a 14 year old girl she met while working at her job as an RN. Katie had been in a terrible accident with some farm machinery. She has lost and ear, been scalped, lost three fingers on her right hand and broken both arms. She was in the hospital for about a month. Linda learned that Katie dreams of being a vet some day so she asked me to get together some things for her to read from the Vet school. While talking to Linda she told me that Katie has always wanted a horse and the family had even just put up a four acre pasture. Someone had offered to give her a horse, which later we found out was a 5 month old, pony. What is an injured girl who is not experianced with horses going to do with a 5 month old pony? I considered it a challenge! I told Linda that I was sure we could find her a better horse.

I thought and thought about it and then asked if Jazzy had found a home yet. I told Bob the story about Katie. He gave it much thought and then decided that this would be a noble thing for Jazzy to do!
Katie is 5'10" and growing so she need a big horse but also needs a quite well trained horse too!
Jazzy is all this and then some!
Bob decided to sell Jazzy to Katie for $1.00!
I brought Jazzy to my house after the Sandhills ride in Wagram. He is staying with me until Katie's family has a small barn built and is ready for the horse. One of Bob's friends Dot donated a nice saddle and all the tack and the maker of the saddle is going to go to their house and help fit the saddle and tack when they are ready to ride. The Mansmann's gave some money to go and buy Jazzy and Katie a nice grooming kit. My mom bought Jazzy a nice new dark green halter! Julie is going to trim Jazzy for me, donate some boots and a special grooming packet. My friend Donna who wrote The Book Of Mules, gave a neat children's book.
In about a month, I am going to get Jazzy all cleaned up and bring him down to their farm!

All of this came about with out my hardly even asking anything, it was all offered!
It is amazing how somethings just work out and come together like this!
I know what a great horse like Jazzy can do for a young girl.
As I have witnessed it with my horse Jake and Elizabeth!

Thank you Bob for giving Katie your special horse Jazzy!


Courtney said...

Wow, what a great story! I hope Jazzy and Katie live happily ever after.

Donna Campbell Smith said...

This is such an inspiring story! I hope Katie and Jazzy build a lifetime of good memeories.

Lee said...

As a longtime friend of Bob and Jazzy, I know Jazzy to be a very honest, careful and willing horse. My own rides on him tell me that Katie couldn't be on better "hooves" and Jazzy has earned his right to be the hero of a story where so much sadness and pain has existed. I wish many happy trails in the future for Katie and Jazzy!!!!!!