Sunday, May 3, 2009

Navarre Visits NCSU College of Veterinary Medicine

Navarre visited the NCSU CVM to get Gelded on April 29th to be gelded and also have his teeth done! He was a very good boy, once I got him there! I was late for our appointment because it took me 45 minutes and 4 different ropes, all applied at the same time, to get him into the trailer! I can't say as I blame him since his first trailer ride was 15 hours long and to a new home. He unloaded well and walked across the parking lot only to put the brakes on at the Breezeway door! (Going inside can't be a good thing?) All this from a Poitou Donkey who is 18 months old, 12.1 hands and weighed in at 413 pounds?
Well, going inside turned out to not be a good idea! He was soon fitted with a catheter and moved to a back lot where Dr. Fogle and Dr. Lee supervised CVM students in gelding him and then sitting on him while his teeth were done! Once he got up Dr. Lee and Vet Tech Bill had a time getting him back to his stall.
He recovered well and it only took four people to put him back in the trailer to go home later that day. He is still recovering nicely! Many thanks for the Faculty, Staff and Students who took such great care of him!!

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