Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Meet Navarre - Poitou Donkey

Welcome Navarre! He is a Poitou(pronouced Pwatoo), a rare breed of Draft Donkey originally from France. He is 12.1 Hands tall and 18 months old. Just a darling!
Poitou donkeys have a long coat and their hair is very soft!
I say that Navarre is my Cubic Zircona Poitou because he doesn't have any papers. If he was a Diamond Poitou I would not have been able to get him!
I left Fire's Creek Sunday AM and drove to Linden, TN to get him. It poured rain the whole way! He loaded in the trailer and cuddled with Sadie the whole way home! A surprise was that I did not know until I got there to get him was that he was Born on my Birthday! At this point we are just getting to know each other!

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