Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Fire's Creek, the most beautiful place in North Carolina!

It was well worth the long drive! A long gravel road transported us into a place so beautiful that I wanted to forget the rest of the world! Bristol Horse Camp is well planned out, easy to park, tie lines for the mules, big rushing creek to water them with and to listen to at night!
We rode a total of 47 miles that weekend. I had one tired mule by Sunday morning. Thursday a few of us rode down the road a ways, exploring!
Friday started at 35 degrees but did not seem cold as the high was to be 70 later that day. We set off at 9AM with Blue in the lead for the Rim Trail!
Not a cloud in the sky as we were climbing and climbing, the earth below opened up a breath taking view for us all. None of the leaves on the trees had opened so nothing obstructed the view!
Lunc was at a cleared area that allowed for one of the best views of the day. The mules got to eat grass while we visited and had lunch! That afternoon the trail continued along the ridge and opened up to a full view on both sides!
A pretty butterfly, one of the first I have seen for this season, flew along with the mule riders for about five minutes. It danced across the trail and then into the woods, only to come out again and seem to follow long with us again!
That night Barry, Bob and I had a great community dinner and Blue built one of his super hot camp fires!

We were told that Saturday would be a shorter ride. That did not turn out to be the case! As we climbed again, my mule dragged in the back and I did not push her hard as she was still tired from yesterday! Bob rode along with me and the group was kind enough to wait for us! Back up on the Rim trail it was once again pretty! We could again see the large lake that is part in Georgia and part in North Carolina. Some of the trail was a little tighter as it winded between Rhododendron bushes that are ready to bloom! At lunch we stopped at some logs that had been cut down a while back. The mules tied all around.

Wayne's pack mule laid down and we stared talking about carrying eggs on pack trips. Just before we got up Barry noticed a nest of eggs right below one of the logs we had been sitting around. It was nine Grouse eggs in a nest built into the ground! We covered them again after taking photos and headed off for the Rim trail again. About 3pm Blue stopped at a short cut trail home. Barry, Bob, two horse riders and I decided to take that home. We where told it would get us home around 5Pm. It was a long winding trail that followed the big creek and then the road and creek back to camp. 21 Miles and 6pm, we were finally back at camp! The rest of the group came in about 2 1/2 hours later than that! What a ride!
My friend Ester from Hayesville came to visit. She is the one to introduced me to Fire's Creek. It was very nice to see her and she brought some vegetables and dip for everyone. The group devoured it!
Sunday I regrettably left for my next adventure!

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