Friday, April 3, 2009

Sandhill Ride - 1st of the CMA Season

March 20, 21, 22, 2009 -
This weekend was so good it will be hard to beat it!

Jane came with me and we arrived Friday night about 8pm. Our host Lexie had some of the best warm stew waiting for us. A group of the guys had gone over to the local Blue Grass gathering so only a few people remained. We parked and put Jane's horse Val and Sadie Mae in stalls.
That night we were cold! Turns out the electric heater I had was not really working that well!
After getting warmed up and tacking up our rides, the group took off with about 20 riders and two wagons. The day warmed up, pretty blue skies and all the mules where behaving nicely!
Through out the day we found all kinds of things in the woods. Ammo boxes, old army stuff, even what looked like an unexploded bomb on the side of the road. I could not believe it but the CMA Men where smart enough not to touch that, not even with a stick!
I found a two foot long string of machine gun bullets just hanging on a branch, they were live but blanks!
We came across a tractor trailer on this back country road, we all jumped into the woods for it to go by. We also past an Army troop getting ready to go into the field for maneuvers. They were firing machine guns but stopped when they saw us. The mules defiantly took a look at them!
We rode through Camp McCall, a military drop zone for parachute jumpers. They have an old tan there. Barry and Teddy joined the kids playing on it like it was a jungle gym!
That night Lexie and Janie Smith had a pick picking with all the fixings, cake and other deserts. We sat and enjoyed a Bluegrass band that came to play for us personally. Ended the night with a huge bomb fire!
That night we were warm! I brought out the propane heater and Jane said "I'm Hot" in a whinny voice! I took that as a compliment.
Sunday we had another nice ride. It started out cold with frost on some of the mules backs but the sun came out and I soon had my jacket off. Today was even more hunting in the woods. Someone pointed out that is was like an Easter Egg Hunt for MEN! They found more ammo boxes and who knows what else!
Can't wait for the next ride!!

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