Monday, June 21, 2010

Saddle Up & Go!

Many Thanks to my friend Molly for coming to ride Seven for me. After nearly 4 1/2 months off I was not sure I wanted to be the first on the back on Seven. Molly rode Seven for me as my back was still pretty weak. We tacked him up Friday afternoon for a short arena ride. To my surprise and pleasure Seven framed up trotted and loped off like he had been ridden yesterday. The next day Molly and I took the mules out for a longer trail ride. We ran into a goose, who got very upset when we got too close to her nest. When I went back to get a photo she got even more upset and called for reinforcements, the male goose on the lake. So we hi-tailed it out of there. We rode for about three hours that day. I was very happy that my back, Seven and Sadie, did so well! The next day I trailered up for a ride with Lisa and Lawson at Double D Equestrian Center. Thanks to Sadie I had another enjoyable and safe ride!

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