Friday, May 21, 2010

One Heck Of A Surprise!

March 25th Report:
About two weeks ago my friends Donna & Colin Taylor came home late one evening, after having dinner with friends, to find a great surprise. They walked down to check on their three equines, Blanche the ancient horse and the two donkeys, Lottie and Lucy. When they looked over the stable door they they found that Lottie has just foaled! Donna and Colin had no idea that Lottie was pregnant, they just thought she was a little fat. So Donna was very surprised and called some friends and the vet to come out and check them both.

After a few days and finally some rest Donna was able to get some good photos of the Donkey foal and name her Fiona! Which I thought was great since that was my best friend's name when I lived in England. Donna says that Fiona is quite a ham for the camera, as we can see!
Congratulations Donna and Colin!

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