Monday, June 21, 2010

1st Ride back with the Mule Club

May 1st and 2nd was the Carolina Mule Association Trail Ride at Uwharrie National Forest at 4B Farm. I hauled in late Friday night and Barry was so kind as to meet my in the dark and help me get Sadie's stall set up. Next was parking. There was one easy spot left and then the harder to get into spot that I was assigned. Much discussion was made about how late it was and how it would be easier to pull into the spot unused. But I was up for a challenge and had an audience, those left at the camp fire that night. Barry moved his truck, I had a good backing moment and was able to swing it in with ease!! The next morning we were ready to ride at 9AM. Larry came out and gave us the morning ride blessing. We took off through the woods. Sadie was her sturdy self and we rode down to the river. I learned that my back did not like going down hills too much. After a late morning break about six people headed back to camp. I really did not want to head back before lunch but after they left I left like maybe I should have gone with them. We rode up the huge hill to Hang Glider Hill and right before the group turned off to lunch (Up Another Hill) Tony and Brenda and a friend said they were going to turn off and head back. Tony was going to cook Chicken on a big grille for everyone that night so he needed a little extra time. I took my second chance and rode back with them. It was quite hot that weekend and I was glad to get back a little early, take a shower and relax a little before dinner and the board meeting. We ended the day at the camp fire again and Brenda brought some really Sm ore's to make! I had forgotten how good those are! Sunday a small group rode out for about two hours. I went with them and was glad both for my back and for the heat to get back in early and head home.

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