Monday, June 21, 2010

The Snake & The Fawn

On May 16th, Heather a Vet Student at NCSU CVM, came to ride with me. She has not been able to do much riding since she had been away from home so she jumped at the chance to help me keep my mules ridden. We rode for about an hour enjoying the spring day. We stopped in a field to let the mules graze a little bit when I noticed a Black Rat Snake making it's way though the grass. Heather moved Sadie up a little closer so she could see it too. As soon as the mules moved the grass near it, the snake took off. I find it funny but the mules seemed to have no fear or even reaction to the snake being there. A few minutes later we rode off at a quick walk down the side of the same area we saw the snake. About half way down the field Seven stopped right as I noticed something moving right under my right foot. I looked down as Seven looked back to see a very small fawn getting up from the tall grass. It had all the white spots down its back and was so delicate and cute looking. It kind of stumbled around a little and then woke up all the way and took off for the woods. Once it was gone I realized that Seven had nearly stepped in the Fawn but then when it moved, right under his feet. He did not jump or spook. I was so pleased with him for this that he got lots of praise and extra cookies when we got home!

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