Monday, June 21, 2010

1st Ever RMF Obstacle Course Day

Heather and Seven

On May 30th I decided to set up my Obstacles and invite some friends over for an Obstacle Course Day! I send out an email earlier that week but really did not know how many people might show up on such short notice. I picked up Kayla's horse Chief to spend the night. Kayla helped me get all the stuff set up too! We pulled everything out, from the pool toy Shark to the tarps and an umbrella. We got 13 people to come over! What fun everyone had. Some peoples horses took to it really quickly and a few people were even able to show off and do to obstacles at once. Like the Umbrella and the Shark Pull!

Ron and Jeb

Others took their time and introduced their horses to some very new things! I had pulled my horse trailer into the field and set out the awning. With drinks, food and a few fans running it became a nice cool spot for everyone to have a break. Heather, Ann and Lynn's daughter rode Sadie Mae. Heather and Ron also got a turn on Seven. I also got the Donkey's out and made a Donkey Chain. Ron and his mule Jeb played Pony Mule and led them around for a while! Lisa and Lawson brought over some Mini horses which for some became an obstacle by themselves to some horses! Later in the afternoon many of the riders took off for a short trail ride.
I hope to do this again in the fall, with a little more notice next time! Thanks Kayla for all you help!

Lisa and DeVa

Jane and Val

Kayla and Chief

Ron leading the Donkey Chain

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