Monday, June 21, 2010

Physical Therapy with a SADDLE?

A few weeks after my back surgery I was cleared to start physical therapy. I went in for my first appointment with one goal on my mind. I need to be able to lift my heavy mule saddle up on to my mule's back! My physical therapy was twice a week and each time my therapist laughed at me as I was always asking for more to do. She said most people whine and don't want any more to do. She designed many of the exercises to help me reach my goal. Toward the end my sessions she asked me to bring in my saddle so she could really see what I had to do and how heavy it was. I brought it in and showed her how to pick it up and how heavy it is (About 45-50 pounds) She said that she thought I was stronger than she was at this point! She also said that she has realized that my whole life was a work out rather than my needing to go to a gym for a work out! I wish that was not truly the case!

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