Monday, April 16, 2012

Great American Trail Horse Sale and Competition

Aimee and I headed up to Lexington, VA to the Virginia Horse Center on Thursday April 12th. We got settled in and I rode Seven to get him ready for the filming of the audition for the American's Favorite Trial Horse video Competition that I entered. We gave him a quick but cold bath and then clipped him up.
The next morning we met Robin from ACTHA and she helped us do some filming in the arena and then Aimee and I headed up to cross country course and did some more filming.
I should have the American's Favorite Trail Horse Video ready soon!
Seven was really good all weekend. He had to be alone in those stalls at VA Horse Park for one night and also riding alone.

This is video from the Open Trail Competition that was part of the Great American Trail Horse Sale. Not one of our more proud moments, but very funny all the same. (the video starts about 1/2 way through the course)
The Judges told me they thought I had the whole course won, till the cow!!! I was the first to go so I had know idea what to expect!
I was to drag the cow at a trot and them lift it up and drop it into the trash can. Seven was fine with dragging the cow but did not like it raising up near his feet and legs!
Mule people can appreciate this moment!!!

When he bolted I dropped the rope but the tip of it got stuck between my saddle and my leg, that was trying to hold on to the bolting mule, so he dragged more than I wanted! I did not fall off and no one got hurt! Thankfully!
Joe Most one of the Judges said he was very impressed by how I stayed right with that mule. He also said that the cow flying out of the arena on the end of the rope really tickled him!

Jackie let me take the stuffed cow home to work with. It was playing with Levi with it, because he started barking at it. When all of a sudden it got knocked out of my hands from behind. I thought is might be Dad or someone pulling at it for fun but it was my huge cat attacking it. Aimee said she saw him jump at it from behind me and knocked it right out of my hands! Thank fully he doesn't have any claws! I laughed till I nearly cried!

If anyone had old giant stuffed animals they want to donate to Seven, please let me know!

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