Wednesday, April 11, 2012

1st Lesson With Linda

After having an Horsemanship Epiphany last year I decided to finally do something about it! I have known and respected Linda Hoover for the last 15 years. She is very advanced and a great teacher. I emailed her about taking some lessons and we found a time she was going to be in Apex, NC at a local farm. The owner is kind enough to let me use her arena for a small arena fee!
So excited! I took off from my farm early Saturday (4/7) and pickup you Susan on the way. Susan took lots of photos and video for me!
As we got started I was so excited because this is the refinement of horsemanship I have been wanting to learn.
Linda is a great teacher, very positive and thoughtful! She said that we would have to start from the beginning, working on getting a lifting from his top line so that he could learn to balance better with his hind end and move with more softness. She also said that we bring a lot to the table!
We had to go and change bits during the lesson, but she went over four different exercises for us to work on till we can come for another lesson. My only regret is that I did not start this Journey with her, years ago!

Link to video with clips from the Lesson:
(some of the changes he makes are so slight you might not even see them!)

Check out Linda Hoover's web site at:
She has lots of fun clinics and some competitions too!

Open and closed the gate to go for the bridle change!!! What a good boy!!

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