Friday, May 25, 2012

Spring Uwharrie Mule Ride!

April 21st the Carolina Mule Association gathered at 4B farm for another fun ride in the Uwharrie National Forest. It was a beautiful day and we had a great ride! It was so nice to see so many mules and friends!  I took Sadie Mae, as she has not been out much this year. Of course she was good as gold and tough as ever! We had lunch by Badin Lake and then had another rest stop at "The Rocks".  I had a great time using Sadie as a tripod and did a lot of videoing!  We had a club meeting on Saturday evening and then everyone packed up and went home on Sunday morning! We had a huge rain storm blow in, but we were all thankful we got such a great ride in on Saturday!

Check out this video about the mule club ride:
And this one that shows what it is like to ride wonderful Sadie Mae!

 Heading Out!
 Lunch Break!
 The Rocks! 

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