Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Lakeview Planation Ladies Mule Ride

On March 30th Seven, Tara's Jesse Mule, Levi and I headed down to South Carolina to Lake View Plantation for a Carolina Mule Ride. It worked out that is was going to be a smaller group and all Ladies too!
Levi is still learning how to relax and just enjoy the ride, but he finally settled down and took a long nap!
We arrived and picked out a good place to camp! Holly and Linda soon arrived and then Tara and Jessica.
We went out for a short ride on Friday afternoon. It was a good trail and very pretty but the mosquitos were terrible! We lost the marks of the trail when we were 3/4 of the way done, so we just turned around and followed the same trail back. The only problem was that the markers were on the other side of the tree. I just layed my rein down and told Seven to take us home! He sure did, he pick every single turn to take us home, with out making one mistake! I would look behind and double check to make sure we were still on the same trail but I didn't need to! WOW!

We hung out at the trailers, had a nice dinner, then turned in for bed. It rained a few times over night but no big thunderstorms.

Saturday morning was beautiful, all five of us rode out with lots of bug spray on! It was a wonderful ride, we took the green trail which is 10.8 miles. We came in around 1:30, just in time to put the tack away and sit under the awning while it lightly showered. We had such a nice ride and then a nice relaxing time that afternoon. Levi tried to dig a hole to China. We never could figure out what he was going after!

Zorro Seven in the Mystery Forest?

Here is a link to the video I put together:

Seven was not to happy about getting a quick bath so that he would be clean for the Trail Obstacle Competition on Sunday.

On Sunday morning I packed up and drove out at 6:30AM! We were headed for Denton for the Trail Obstacle Race. Holly and Linda when on another ride and had a great time!
Tara and Jessica left to go and pick up a show horse for Jessica to train and then headed home.

Seven, Levi and I got to the Trail Obstacle Competition by 11AM, much later that I normally want to arrive. I quickly got tacked up and Brock told us the course. Reed Tucker was there too and she filmed me doing the course. Leisha had me go first because we needed some time in between competitors for me to be able to then film Reed and Fortune's go.
Seven did everything really well. He sure enjoys doing these courses and stayed relaxed during the whole thing. Brock was disappointed that Seven and I did the pin wheel (two barrels and a board to be swung all the way around) very well. He was hoping he found an obstacle that might give us some trouble.
Seven ended up winning the Open class! I was very pleased and put all my winnings right into my gas tank!!! UGH!!! Reed and Fortune got 5th with a very good run!
Here is a photo taken by the Photographer took of us crossing the water!
Here is a link to Seven's video from the Trail Race:
Here is a link to Fortune's Video from the Trail Race:

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