Friday, March 9, 2012

A Visit To Burgaw

On February 11, I headed down to Burgaw to visit with my friends Aimee and Tollie. Aimee was going to drive over with me to ride with Mary Miller Jordan. She and her horse Lindsay's Faith, a wild mustang she tamed, won the America's Favorite Trail Horse Competition last year, and she had agreed to let me ride for her and get some suggestions for our try out.

We arrived and it was pretty chilly and a little windy. Mary is a great supporter of riders wearing their helmets, so when we first saw Mary we laughed! She was riding her tractor to come and drag the ring, and was all bundled up in a coat with her riding helmet already on! So cute!

Our ride went really well and Mary had some great suggestions for improvement and for our outfit for the audition.

Aimee and I then headed to the local tack shop called The Celtic Horse, were I had a $25 gift certificate to spend from our winning the Obstacle Competition last month. I picked out some English spur straps and spent the rest of it on treats for Seven!

We got home and the wind started whipping up like crazy! A cold front was coming in and the temperature was dropping. I got all wrapped up later in the evening to go out and walk Levi and check on Seven. Seven was fine in his warm blanket!

Tollie and Aimee cooked a great dinner that featured some of the lamb ribs I had brought. They turned out really good, thanks to some slow cooking!

Sunday morning was VERY COLD! We headed to the little Methodist Church in town. There I met Aimee's parents and was treated to a neat song by choir Tollie was in!

Link to the video of the song: http://http//

Our planned Sunday afternoon trail ride was cancelled because it was still very cold and the wind was still blowing. So was headed over to Aimee's parents house, for Levi to play with their cute little dog named Jack! They hit if off right away and played and played!

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