Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Mule Riding In The Sandhills!

Sadie Mae and I arrived on Saturday Morning, tacked up and ready to roll. We found a good parking space and got settled. Everyone was kind of milling around and I was wondering what we going on. Someone told me the last night Kenny got very sick and we were not sure of he was going to be able to lead the ride. We had just decided to go out on our own and get lost when he appeared from his trailer and quickly harnessed up the mules.
Off we went! Two wagons and about 25 rides! It was a beautiful day warm except for when a chilly wind blew. Sadie traveled well and I hung out with Mark, Jeanette and their daughter Kelly. At one point Kelly needed to stop so I stayed out with them. After that we had our own private trail ride, just following wagon tracks and we just caught up with them right before lunch!
At one point I got out in the front and was able to video some of the mule riders!

Slide show:

We got in around 4:30 pm and once I got Sadie settled in, Levi walked it was time to cook some dinner. Reed and Diane came, we had grilled cheese sandwiches and mushroom soup. Barry surprised me by making me a steak! YUM!
Later that evening I joined the group at the camp fire for some good conversation and a nice warm fire! It got cold that night, I used my little propane heater to warm the trailer up before going to be but it go cold through the night. Four blankets, including Dad's old Navy wool blanket kept me warm! Levi had a double bed and lots of corgi hair to keep him warm!

The next morning Gene's group made a huge breakfast and let us all join in! Then we were off again, this time with a smaller group but we had a great ride all the same.
We stopped at Camp MacCall for Lunch. This is a drop zone area for the army paratroopers to practice. There is an old tank there so LuAnn took my photo next to it! Saide shook her head right when she took the photo! I thought it was cute so here it is!

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